Vladimir Shainskiy

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NEW YORK, December 26. /Offset. TASS Natalia Slavina/. Composer Vladimir Shainsky will be buried in San Diego (California), if Russia has not received other proposals. About it the correspondent of TASS said Tuesday the wife of the composer Svetlana Shainskaya.

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“Currently, we solve this question, although now in the US, Christmas, holidays and weekends, and it is quite difficult, – said Svetlana. But yet we plan to bury here (in San Diego – approx. TASS), although if there are any proposals from Russia, I am open”. The composer himself any Testament about the place of burial is not left as tried not to touch this topic. “He didn’t really like to talk about it” – says Svetlana Shainskaya.

According to the couple, it is difficult to arrange a funeral in Russia. “One I, unfortunately, will not be able to do it, and now I’m emotionally very exhausted,” admitted Svetlana .

Also the wife of the composer reported that shainskiy until the last days was in a good mood, he joked and said that really wants to live.

“He joked all the time and really wanted to live,” she said.

The composer was in a cheerful state of mind until December 15, when he became ill and was taken to the hospital. “We are constantly visited him, sat all day next to you, she said. – Daughter Anna (youngest daughter Shainsky – approx. TASS) regularly visited the day before, too, came from San Francisco where she lives and works on Christmas.”

“The 24th of December, we spent a lot of time together, – said Svetlana. But he was all those days unconscious.” “That last evening my daughter and I left very late, it was really dark, and at 2:10 the night he died. We got a call at five in the morning from the hospital, and we have come,” she added.

According to Svetlana, bladder cancer was diagnosed in composer for a long time, and in 2008 he carried out a successful operation. “The last operation, which took place recently, was more technical, not to remove the cancer, she said. But, you know, because he already age – 92 years”.

The wife of the composer recalls that until may 9, 2017 Vladimir shainskiy practically did not complain of health. “But on may 9 he received a lot of congratulations, talking with everyone and somehow very nervous, apparently, remembered times past. He became ill, and he was then in the hospital, – told Svetlana Shainskaya. – Since then, he’s not feeling well, was in the hospital probably four or five times.”