“This is a definite hit!” exclaims in the final Director of the London theatre “the rose.” Behind him, tormented by modesty, you can repeat the same about the play “Shakespeare in Love”, which premiered at the end of the season played in the theater. Pushkin. Served as the basis for adapted screenplay Tom Stoppard the famous eponymous film of 1998 year, which of the thirteen nominations for “Oscar” won seven. And this is the first Russian stage version of the famous film. Details from the premiere browser “MK”.

Photo: Yuri Bogomaz.

To a problem quite difficult: as it turned out, parallel to them in Russia, hitting Moscow art theatre them.Chekhov, but the Walt Disney Company, which owns all rights, chose Pushkin. Why find out after the premiere. And yet — on the stage of the London end of the XVI century: tough, especially with money, like life itself, which we don’t have the slightest idea . In the theater “rose”, a young man named will is trying to rhyme something lyrical rhyme is not. Comes to help a senior colleague in the costume and bearing of which it is possible to conclude that he has in versification and kamapisachi succeeded. Will — future classic of William Shakespeare, but from his entourage that few people realize. He is young, impulsive, poor.

Of course, anyone who knows Oscar-winning film, will compare them with a new production of Yevgeny Pisarev, daring the comparative performance. He’s driving in the spherical space (artist Zinovy Margolin), the outline takes us back to the globe theatre, two of the world essentially antithetical to the world of theatre and high society. But jesters and kings grow into each other, first, because the first is meant to entertain the second, and the second, a young playwright and actor Shakespeare in love with the young beauty viola de Lesseps, are different, of course, the rich and noble. And viola raves about the theatre, despite the fact that in former times the woman on stage is fu… impossible. And will writes “Romeo and Juliet”, the story is in his head still hazy.

Photo: Yuri Bogomaz.

Premiered at the Pushkin rich in plot twists and witty Repartee, luxurious, even more abundantly dressed (historical costumes Victoria Sevrukova), and Metropolitan audience, spoiled by the quantity and quality theatrical offerings, behaves like a trusting child, that is drawn into the game proposed by the Director and actors. The words of the Queen of England issuing its sympathy to love, how suddenly rallied artists, before mired in petty squabbles and jealousy. Finally the final kiss is a delight: the crowd roars — well, thank God!.

The role of a young Shakespeare is played by two former students — Kirill Chernyshenko and Dmitry Vlaskin, although it was initially planned to star or at least a media person. But in this case turned out cliches only hurt the image, did it professionally formal. We are talking about Shakespeare at the beginning of the path where the authenticity of the feelings and freshness of perception of the world not yet touched by life and cynicism, which is often called the experience. His partner — Taisiya Vilkova, which, despite his youth, many removed, and graces the covers of glamorous magazines in the show playing two roles (as is the case with Shakespeare’s characters) is actually viola, and her own, dressed as boys.

A very good ensemble cast is a not a small troupe of “Rose”, which fits great and star of a competing firm — Burbage (Igor Teplov). These men, exposed as it is necessary at the time, and on women’s roles, and always skladnaya among themselves, able to be one family, leaving us the illusion that the acting fraternity is still not a beautiful myth. Excellent work Andrei Kuzicheva (playwright kit Marlowe), Igor Khripunova (Mr. by then, the Director of the theater “rose”).

The spectator is invited time-honoured course of theatre in the theatre, magic (fallacy of ignorance) the world behind the scenes. School performance connected with school experiences, and high production value and the acting ensure commercial success. What, in fact, and says in the final hero Khripunova: “This is a definite hit!”

Photo: Yuri Bogomaz.

Interview with Evgeny Pisarev after the performance.

— Zhenya, still managed to get the rights to “Shakespeare”? How hard can it be for the Russian theaters?

In total, we have all the arrangements took about two years, and the play was staged in two months. There was a moment when I realized that nothing happens, and went into “the Box” to put the play “the Actor”. Plunged into the English theatre of the 17th century, but then from England came an agreement. Rights for Shakespeare are owned by the Walt Disney company. Helped recommendations Stoppard, by Declan Donnellan — he put “Shakespeare in love” four years ago on the West end.

Means of communication in art solve all?

We were dealing with licensed products, and the difficulty lies in the fact that there are a lot of related rights. The play was sold along with music, besides authentic on Shakespeare’s sonnets, and my design doesn’t fit. To the same complex was the issue of translation. Under the terms of the rights holders, it was necessary that the translator was the translation of Shakespeare, I knew him well. The result translated Anna Kolesnikova, last 15 years worked closely with Declan Donnelan, and in fact many productions of Shakespeare. In General, this scenario is an interesting story: there was a novel of Shakespeare in Love, which Stoppard was transformed into a screenplay, said connection with modernity, solidarity prevailed, actualized. Stage version did Hall.

— The main role you have appointed a former students. Why?

— I changed three Shakespeares. Initially, I negotiated with Sasha Petrov, but he has shooting, and our schedules did not coincide. Then invited young popular Nikita Volkov theater of the Leningrad city Council. It seems to have started to rehearse, but I realized that it was not there and not then. I even borrowed Konstantin Raikin young artist Ilya Deniskina, and parallel to my student Kirill Chernyshenko went to the rehearsals and just read the text. And then I thought, what if I need to invest in other artists, I the same can be done in the theater, with their. We have two of his Shakespeare. The troupe rejoiced.

— You could also take Sergey Lazarev is a guarantee of success.

— I could, but the performance should be even not Shakespeare, not William, will, young, budding has achieved nothing. Although along the way, everyone can see that he is something more than this. So Cyril Chernyshenko, who originally played one of the artists, largely accidentally became Shakespeare. Maybe there are still great professionalism, but it is clear that he was chosen: I chose him.

— How to put today this material — traditional or radically modern?

— A very well written piece with such irony, which is the only Stoppard. As soon as the melodramatic scene that follows it immediately puts it on the ground. And Vice versa. So I Stoppard helped to answer this question. Caught the ironic, playful tone to them was about what to say. And they now have something to say. The play is not only about love, not only about Shakespeare, more about the theater and the existence in it, about the birth of the profession.

I think more and more — what we have is a great job: she would over life, over something, the game covers all of our drama. Profession in the play is born of selfless people, although they are all the time talking about money. And about how around talent all together — who doesn’t like to rehearse, rehearse. It’s about the mission: when the actors themselves feel about the mission, then don’t go crazy, don’t consider themselves better than others.

Photo: Yuri Bogomaz.

The acting fraternity, referred to in the second act — today is an illusion?

As soon as we remember who we are and why we are doing this, then it is not an illusion. And if it turns into an endless pursuit of the filming, making money and stuff, then it’s empty talk.

— The last question — your plans and theater plans for the new season.

— So it turns out that I will continue the theme of Figaro – will put in a Big “the Barber of Seville”. We have the same Declan Donnellan will begin rehearsing the play in 1602 — a farce of Shakespeare’s time. But it’s not Shakespeare, and his contemporaries, beaumont and Fletcher. “GEDA Gabler” will put Anatoly Sulev with Alexander Ursuljak in the title role. And Simon Serin accepted for stage adaptation of “Dog Ville” with Victoria Isakova.