The coach will listen only to the President of the team.

In the 28-th round the ear for the first time scored points in the second part of the Premier League, beating Alexandria 2:1.

Thus, the “Alexandrians” lost fourth game in a row, and the fans began to speculate about the dismissal of head coach Volodymyr Sharan. Ukrainian specialist have decided to Express the tangent of this information.

“I heard that after the game against the Gums, said that the leadership thought. Of course, this does not give advantages. Our task – the competition until the championship ended in the playoffs where we play. Of course, this affects the team and the coaching staff.

If the President has something to say and decide… I only listen to the President. He is very serious person, we are not a first year. Know that there are both losses and victories. However, the President makes a decision”, writes the Football 1/2/3.

Recall that the command takes the fifth place in the championship, trailing from the Gums at six points. If they finish this place, that of Alexandria will play in the playoffs for a place in the Europa League.

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