Humorina in Odessa




In Odessa on April 1 began the celebration of Humorina in the centre of the city is the carnival procession.

In Odessa on April 1 again celebrate Humorina. In the centre of the city is now a carnival procession passes. The start was delayed by almost an hour due to the large influx of people and, as noted by the organizers for some technical reasons.

In the column – about 1.5 thousand people. It is divided into about 30 blocks. It is about ten decorated vehicles: the mystical monster, the submarine, “star care”, as well as several dozens of bikers that are simultaneously pressed on the horn. In the procession attended by a host of characters from popular cartoons and feature films, including “beauty and the beast”, the characters of the films about Harry Potter, Darth Vader (from Star wars) with his car, etc .

The head of the column – a big stylized truck – participants of the international festival of clowns and mimes “Komediada”, in one of the cars – people’s artist of Ukraine, President of the festival with the famous Spanish clown Leo Bassi, who is holding a yellow plastic duck. Last year was another symbol of Odessa Humorina.

The column started from Sadovaya street, went on Deribasovskaya, Pushkinskaya, should come to the city hall building on Dumskaya square.

In the city centre, in the course of movement of the column, gathered thousands of people. They greeted the marchers with loud screams, whistles, applause.

The motto of this year’s Humorina “Share your smile”.

The festival has also scheduled performances of participants of “Comedity” show “League of laughter” performance of commands of KVN, various outdoor concerts, entertainment programme for adults and children. Will also host the international marathon and half marathon “Samaravodokanal”, open city festival “a Celebration of laughter” in the arboretum “Victory”, the food festival, exhibition of decorated cars, karaoke, zoo zoomarine, beauty festival, a performance of “Lycopene battalion”, performances.

Public order is maintained hundreds of police. The convoy accompanied by an ambulance. As reported, in 2017 the main event humor, which resumed this year after a 3-year break, will be a carnival procession.

In 2014 Humorina in Odessa was canceled in connection with the 40-day mourning for the Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred, in 2015 in connection with military operations in the East of the country, in 2016 the celebration took place in a truncated format, including, without carnival, as noted in connection with “the timeliness of this celebration.”

The first April fool’s day in Odessa was held in 1973. In 1976 it was banned the authorities of Ukraine and Odessa. Resumed the occasion of laughter in the late 1980s.