Players of Russian national team Alexey Makarov, Anton Shkarin and Arthur satisfactory condition (from left to right)

© Sergey Fadeichev/TASS

MOSCOW, July 20. /TASS/. The Russian team is determined to win all matches of the home stage of the Euro beach soccer and support the positive wave after the football world Cup. About it journalists were reported by the captain of the Russian team Anton Shkarin.

On Friday, the Russian team defeated the team of Azerbaijan with the score 8:3 in the first match of the third stage of the Euroleague. The competition is held in Moscow at the stadium “Yantar” and will last until July 22. Previously, Russia hosted the world Cup where the hosts of the tournament made it to the quarterfinals, what became for the Russian team, the best achievement in recent history.

“Yes, we thought about it, but most have been building up to the match, because, coming into the game, a little forgot it . Of course, on such a wave of positivity we must not to lose face in the dirt. Internally worried at first, but emerge beginning is very easy, two quick goals scored. We have two more games, need to win to please their viewers,” said Shkarin.

The player complained about the weather on the day of the match on Friday in Moscow the rain continues to fall. “Frustrating that the sand became wet. In Strogino, if the sand is wet, the coating becomes hard, little beach football. I hope that tomorrow will be good weather, as promised, and it will be a very different beach soccer,” said Shkarin.

The next match on the third round of the Euroleague, the Russian team will hold on Saturday against the team of Poland, beginning at 18:30 GMT. At the same time on Sunday, the owners of the stage will hold a meeting with the Swiss.

The Russian team is the most titled team (5 wins) in the history of the Euroleague along with the Portuguese and Spaniards. From 24 to 26 August, the Russian team will take part in the final stage of the Euroleague in German Warnemunde. In case of contact with the top eight teams in the preliminary stages of the Russian team qualified for the super final, which will be held from 6 to 9 September.