Today, March 4, it became known about the fall from the window of the ninth floor, six girls in one of the cities of Tatarstan.

According to information provided by the police of the shocking incident took place in Nizhnekamsk.

It is reported that a girl of 6 years fell out of the window of the apartment located on the ninth floor of one of the buildings of Nizhnekamsk. Only due to the fact that the baby fell into the snow, she managed to survive.

The result is a shocking incident, the child was hospitalized. As it turned out, the injuries were minor. As a result of the medical examination the girl was allowed to go home.

Currently being investigated all the causes and circumstances of the horrific incident.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, in Lipetsk the woman fell out of the window of an apartment on the 6th floor, fell to his death .

Recall that in Traktorozavodsky district of Volgograd was found the body of a young girl who fell out of the window of the seventh floor during a date with her boyfriend.