The well-known writer showed fans her figure.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Lena has always been famous for their frankness and outrageous. A celebrity not afraid to speak directly about what is happening in society, and also to talk about the events of his personal life. Recently, Lenin decided to surprise fans with another “trick.”

In his official account on “Instagram”, the writer published a picture, which depicted naked. It is noteworthy that the hair of which Lena usually makes intricate hairstyles, this time she dismissed them and closed the chest. Delicate and candid manner controversial celebrity said neat makeup.

Also Lena in the post under the photo was written a few tips on how to preserve the beauty and youth. However, users of the social network is still more attracted the the than recommendations of the writer. In the comments fans left many compliments about the perfect look Lena. Fans noted that this is one of the best photos of celebrities.