Photo: Police are questioning two men, one of whom was detained with weapons

In a private house in Chicago injured 13 people, four are in critical condition.

In the U.S. the shooting occurred at a house party in Chicago, injuring 13 people. Reported by the Associated Press.

It is reported that the shooting arose because of a dispute at a house party, arranged in the South side of Chicago. As a result of firing at least 13 people were wounded, four of them in critical condition. The age of victims from 16 to 48 years.

It is noted that now the law enforcement officers questioned the two men. One of them was arrested with a gun, the other was wounded. Also the police said the seized gun.

Earlier it was reported that in Texas near the Mall shooting occurred, there are victims. As a result of shooting near shopping center, four people were injured. Eyewitnesses reported that the attackers were three.

Recall that in a shooting in a casino in the city of great falls, Montana, USA, killing three people.

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