Security forces of Jordan cordoned off the area, where there was a shooting incident near the Israeli Embassy, 23.07.2017 G.

In the Jordanian capital Amman the night before, there was a traffic accident. Local media, citing sources in the security services distributed information about the attack on the Israeli Embassy, killing two Jordanian and one Israeli was injured. All the neighboring streets were cordoned off, security forces began the evacuation of the Embassy staff. However, official statements about the incident were not.

Later, also from unofficial sources, it became known that the attacker entered the territory of the Embassy of Israel in Amman and attacked with a knife one of the guards. The victim in response opened fire, causing the attacker was killed and another man was wounded. The attacker was 17 years old .

What happened actually

According to the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Israel, quoted by Reuters, the attack on the country’s Embassy in Jordan was not. Shooting incident (the so-called incident in the Department) occurred in a residential building, where the rented apartment security guards of diplomatic mission. This house, says the Ministry, is in the same building as the Israeli Embassy.

The owner of the apartment came with two workers to replace the furniture (all Jordanian citizens). One of the guards began a conflict with them, then one of the workers went to him behind his back and started hitting with a screwdriver. The guard received a slight wound, jumped, reached for weapons and returned fire. As a result of shooting the attacker was killed, the apartment owner was shot and later died in hospital.

#Amman Mohammad Aljawawdaeh 17 years old who was shot killed after alleged stabbing attempt inside the Israeli embassy in Amman

— Muntaser Alrefai (@muntaser_buz) on July 23 2017 R.

After the incident, the security guard arrived at the Israeli Embassy, knowing that, under the Vienna Convention, it has diplomatic immunity from arrest and questioning. It is for this reason until this morning the details of the incident were not disclosed. The Embassy was also decided to evacuate due to fears of possible exacerbation of the Israeli-Jordanian relations, already strained after Israel’s decision to install metal detectors at points of entry into the al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.

As noted by Haaretz, the Jordanian authorities protested, they would not allow the Israeli Embassy to leave the country and demanded the investigation of the incident. On their part, this investigation was launched immediately after the shooting. However, the Jordanian administration of the General security in his statement is not emphasized that the Jordanian worker attacked Israelis. Now the parties are trying to negotiate.

From-for what there was a conflict

Still, what was the cause of the conflict between the security guard of the Israeli Embassy and a work, is not known. However, there are two versions. The first is that the conflict arose on the household soil — disagreement over money. According to the second – because of the events on the Temple mount.

We will remind, Israel and Jordan signed a peace Treaty in 1994. In recent days in relations between the two countries, tensions arose after the Israeli authorities tightened security around the Temple mount (East Jerusalem), where is the Muslim Shrine – the al-Aqsa mosque. Note, this mosque is the third holiest site in Islam after Masjid al-Haram in Mecca and the Prophet’s mosque in Medina.

July 21, thousands of Jordanians participated in protests in Amman against the decision of the Israeli authorities to install metal detectors on the approaches to the Old city of Jerusalem, as because of this, the Friday prayer was able to get only women and men over 50 years old. During the demonstrations clashed with the police, the protesters threw stones and bottles. In General, the clashes in Jerusalem and the West Bank of the Jordan river suffered 193 Palestinian civilians, 41 of whom were wounded in Jerusalem.

On the same day, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas announced that the Palestinians freeze all contacts with Israel. According to Abbas, the decision will remain in force as long as Israel does not cancel the security arrangements on the Temple mount.

The Israeli authorities have drastically restricted access to the Temple mount after the two men came out Israeli Arabs and shot dead two Israeli police officers from the Druze community.

Notably, today, July 24, the UN security Council will convene a crisis meeting on the situation in Jerusalem.

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