This Friday, March 31, malefactors tried to Rob a woman at the house №2 on Staromarinskoe highway.

Witnesses saw the men try to Rob woman of her bag. After the witnesses had decided to stop the crime, one of the attackers opened fire on them. It is reported by TASS, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to preliminary data, the attacker was armed with a traumatic pistol. As a result of his actions two people were injured. After that, the attackers fled from the scene on a dark green VAZ-2107. In the capital declared the plan “Interception”.

Earlier it was reported about a group of robbers with a dog from St. Petersburg, who confiscate people’s smartphones on the Nevsky Prospekt, threatening their victims to incite him to fight the dog .

As reported by the “Russian conversation” in the Kuzbass city of Berezovsky, a group of juveniles independently tracked down the thief who stole their money and gave it to the police.