Three contestants of the show “the Bachelor” decided to leave the project. One of them was Daria Putin, darling, Babel and Radmila Sadykov.

In a recent edition of the show “the Bachelor” held a Rose Ceremony during which the bachelor Ilya Glinnikov decided which of the participants had to leave the show. It turned out that Ilya doesn’t want to see in your project, Daria Putin and the darling of Babel, according to “Russian conversation”.

Before the ceremony Daria said quietly accept any decision of Elijah and won’t hold it against him. “I’m not going to fight for the man who here, besides me, a bunch of women, with whom we deal”, – said the participant of the project.

The actor explained that he sees a future together with Daria. However, he stressed that they can become great friends.

Another eliminated contestant of the show called Glinnikov very beautiful and decent woman . However, the actor also needs to feel passion in a relationship, and darling seems to be too calm.

Third party to show Radmila Sadykova asked Elijah to let her go because she was seriously ill grandmother. Bachelor agreed to let her go, but still gave her a rose as a sign that the girl may return to the project any day now.

Recall, at a recent date contestant on “the Bachelor” Snejana Samokhina bit bachelor Ilya Glinnikov.