The success of the song and the improvisational performance of “Life is beautiful”, which was played at the old address musical Theatre at Fili was evident: the tickets were swept outright. But after he moved to the Pushkin theater has decided not to rest on their laurels and re-perspectivity its Life, breathing into her new music and stage design (and invited Eduard Kochergin) ideas. What is it to be — we were told the founder of TM Mikhail Shvydkoi, who now are not only entertainers, but also… sing a song: “short, so their audience is not scattered”.

photo: Gennady Cherkasov

— You left the previous title, I had the idea to change it…

— Yes, once there was a TV program with the same name, then we did the play in our old building on the top crust, but what we start the season is a completely new work, re-composed. We are happy that we are able to work with such an outstanding as set designer Eduard Kochergin . In this sense, our future performance is a tribute to the memory of Kirill Yuryevich Lavrov, because they, along with Kochergin the wooden theater on Stone island planned to do a musical Revue, which, alas, never came true.

But your “Life” will not be associated with St. Petersburg?

— No, the performance will be purely Moscow associated with such iconic places the creative activity as the “Hermitage” garden (where, incidentally, was also the famous wooden variety theater) or building (our) of the cinema “Russia”, which, as you know, once opened with the film “I step through Moscow”. New “Life” — a play on the XX century and the XXI century-m, how we lived, what movies or performances grew. The songs that we love. About the people we knew, who became a legend of Soviet music. And culture in General. On the one hand, it will be performance-memory performance-fantasy. On the other, this is a story about why we created Moscow theatre of the musical. Why he is what he is today.

— Well, Yes, you have said many times that without difficulty could do tracings of the Western musicals, but didn’t go that way.

I did not go. Although the “Life” we must remember on the great Western musicals. But at the same time explain why we have decided to go their own way. In General, using the rhetoric of the past, “this is a play about the difficult fate of the Russian musical”.

— There will be different clusters?

— Of course. We remember Utesov, Shulzhenko, pre-war, war, trophy remember the movies that we were interested immediately after the war. But of course this play is not about the past but about the future — what we want to do and hope for. I myself will conduct this performance, but, in addition, I decided that after 70 years (I’m 70) you can already sing finally. And I allow myself to sing one song. But singing won’t be long, the audience fled.

— It’s somewhere in the final?

— No, on the contrary, in the beginning. In the prologue. And this song set the tone for the whole spectacle.

— While we don’t call?

Not yet. And suddenly I’m learning.

— At least one verse of…

— One — try. Laughter laughter, but it is clear that this performance will be associated with my 70th birthday. Date, may not be too exciting, but not too sad. But this is Neobilly performance, no, we are not planning to celebrate the anniversary of the artistic Director, but I want to talk about the fate of our theatre which, relatively soon it will be ten years. “Life” will firmly enter the repertoire, we will live it more than one season. And exactly a year later, in September of 2019 will open the show on television, which just now writing. So life is in full swing!

— And in Moscow, see what’s going on — soccer boom! But this is a game between team Russia and Croatia… All were surprised after the match with Spain. So maybe a series of our surprises will continue?

— As you know, the mind can not understand Russia, common yardstick can not be measured, it had become very special in Russia one can only believe. On the one hand, the match with Spain is the miracle of miracles, on the other, of course, it is very hard work team. Against Spain we won the game. There stood the bus or trolleybus (who both calls) of the nine people in the defense is very difficult, by the way, the story, because when the protection of so many people, they are often getting in each other’s way. But this tactic eventually became the saving. In this sense, I think we have a chance and with Croatia. What tactics to choose. I was very afraid that we would get tired after regular time and additional forces will remain. It turned out that power was. It is absolutely amazing. The guys proved that they can play real football. So there’s a chance.

— But Croatia’s a tough team.

— Of course. Everyone always said that “Spaniards are a tough team.” The Spaniards are unbeatable. Here it is necessary to distinguish between victory and defeat, but we must not forget that we played against a very strong team. And she stayed strong. But the game is a game. Nobody ever remembers how to play, all only remember the result.

— It saves.

— Yes, in five years only experts will remember as I played. But the result will be to remember everything: we won against Spain. In any case, it is quite clear that the team Cherchesov strong. And the fact that they lost in the qualifying matches, this may be, too, had its own twist: our enemies have underestimated our quality. This has its own trick: pretend to be weak then to be strong. Of course, I wish all of us victory, but once again I say — Russian team first entered the top eight teams in the world, we proved we can play football, too. And I want to win because this should bring back fans to the stadiums. I must admit that a number of fans who are now coming to the world Cup matches, on a purely Russian championship does not happen. And now, our team proved that we have the football, and it will return to the stadiums people…

And fans of “potelligent” finally. Sink into Oblivion this obscure Horde of muggers.

— Of course. As for Croatia — do not be afraid of loss for this membership card will not consume much of our already proven that they are serious team. Cherchesov proved that he has some sort of strategy of development of a team that brings results. I honor him for it and praise!