Demi Lovato


Photo: Instagram

News of show business: Before singer demi Lovato was hospitalized with an overdose, it was embarrassing on stage.

So, a star during his speech forgot the words to his songs about sobriety. The corresponding video appeared on Instagram.

“Damn it, I forgot the text,” said Lovato, and left the scene.


I had an amazing time last night #ddlovato #demilovato #midstatefair

Publication of Jeanette Serrano. (@ecstatic.j) 23 Jul 2018 4:25 PDT

On 25 July it became known that demi Lovato is in the hospital with a drug overdose. Sources said that during hospitalization, the star was injected with naloxone, the antidote in overdose, particularly heroin. Then star woke up.

Demi wrote a song Sober in 2018 and has devoted her long struggle with drug addiction .