Ukrainian singer Max Barskih admitted that was involved in a serious
a car accident, according to “Russian conversation”.

At its
official page in social network “Instagram” bar
posted a photo of the car, badly broken on the side. As it turned out, the singer
got in a terrible accident while in Los Angeles, USA.

According to the
famous artist, he could have died but was saved the usual rule during
driving – belt. Maxim recognizes that is
between life and death. Now he’s all good, but now he’s going
harder to appreciate what you have. He also asked his moralizing
fans follow the rules and always wear your seat belt in the car.

“I forget
to appreciate every moment of my life. Today, on the verge, I understand how it is
important. Be careful and appreciate everything we have and everyone around.
Be sure to wear your seat – this will save your life! I’m good, not
worry! I understand why it happened, and learned my lesson”
– expressed in the signature bar.

netizens and famous friends Maxim and wished him a speedy review

As a reminder, earlier the “Russian
Dialogue” reported that the fan almost disrupted the performance of max
In Barsky night club.