Popular Ukrainian singer Oleg Vinnik angered some of his countrymen, answering the question of belonging of the Crimea, reports the Russian Dialogue.

The artist refused to recognize the Peninsula the territory of Ukraine and urged not to call Crimea “our”, if it is not the fact.

“Today all the talk about it, give nothing, when you scream – “our Crimea”, and it is not ours to date… Is a fact”, – said the singer in interview to one of Ukrainian TV channels.

The actor added that the Crimean Peninsula is “not dead not a single Ukrainian soldier.”

In addition, winnick criticised the armed conflict in the East of Ukraine and stated that the purpose of this war to him is not clear.

According to him, people are dying in the “strange war”, which is called anti-terrorist operation.

This statement caused outrage among some Ukrainians, and they advised the performer “to sing and not to speak.

Recently Vinnik were in the infamous Ukrainian site of the “Peacemaker” that contains personal information of people who disagree with the policy of the Kiev authorities.

The reason for the inclusion of the musician in the “black list” was the participation in the project “VSEMMIRE”, organized by Russian pop stars.

Ukrainian radicals are already calling to boycott all concerts winnik in Ukraine. Earlier, the nationalists repeatedly disrupted the speeches of other Ukrainian artists, whom they suspected of “insufficient patriotism”.