Star “Gangster Petersburg” Dmitry Singers commented on his getting into the list of Ukrainian site “Peacemaker”. It is sure that the decision is “no common sense”.

Famous Russian actor ironically fantasized about how the making of a man in a black list, according to “Russian conversation”.

“Assumption one: there they drink – a snack all the time. Drinking ended the TV with your head: Oh, look, and let this deprive! (rights to enter the territory of Ukraine ). Other reasons — normal there. Whether professionals are not left at all, there really demons walking around the corridors. Neither common sense nor system anymore!” said Singers.

The artist went to the “Purgatory” of the site “Peacemaker” for concert activity in the Crimea. In December 2016, the security Service of Ukraine has banned Pevtsova entry to the territory of Ukraine.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the singer Dima Bilan added the list of Russian artists to land in database established by the Ukrainian intelligence services of the site “Peacemaker”, which would be banned entry into the territory of Ukraine.