Russia’s Investigative Committee has charged in absentia for two Ukrainian military – Sergey Zabolotny and Oleg Gromadsky – for the use of prohibited methods of warfare.

This became known from the statement of the official representative of the Ministry Svetlana Petrenko, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to her, the mentioned persons are responsible for the work of shelling in the direction of residential areas of Donbass.

Colonel Zabolotny acts as the commander of the 58-th separate mechanized brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces. Colonel Gromadsky also heads the 16-th separate mechanized infantry battalion of 58 brigade.

A series of incidents that attracted the attention of local investigative agencies, took place in 2016. Then both commanders gave orders about attacks on selected infrastructure objects of a civil nature .

In the RF IC of the action commanders regarded as malfeasance in the performance of which were also involved and their direct subordinates.

On the orders “from above” Zabolotny and Gromadsky used different weapons to attack the village of Spartak, near Donetsk, and the city Yasinovataya.

Previously, “Russian conversation” says one of the Ukrainian high-ranking officers – Colonel Vsevolod Steblyuk, made a resonant statement about the loss of Kiev, the armed conflict in the Donbass. He believes that the authorities need to recognize the sovereignty of the breakaway republics.