Minskers defeated the Brest with the score 30:29.

SKA Minsk overpowered BGK Meshkov in the final match of the Cup of Belarus — 30:29. The ending of the match turned dramatically: the army team led by three-goal margins, but Brest managed to reduce the gap to a minimum, and Petar, Djordjic had the chance to hold life-saving goal from a set piece at the end of regular time, reports pressball.by.

For Igor Papruga it first won the title as the head coach of football.

BGK im. MESHKOV — SKA — 29:30 (12:14)

SKA: Sy (7), Wilopo (6), Geric (4), Usal (4), Krivenko (3), Cherkasenko (2), Brovko (2), Khmel’kov (1), Alekhine (1).

BGK im. MESHKOV: sheep (5), Jurinak (4), Djukic (4), Silovic (3), Shkurinskaya (3), Obrenovic (3), Djordjic (2), Fist (2), Pesic (1), Horak (1), Selves (1).