Today, Ukrainian nationalists dismantled the bas-relief of Soviet Marshal. According to local media, the radicals were in possession of a permit, reports the Russian Dialogue.

Bas Zhukov was on the seaside wall of the recruiting office, located on Rope street. According to preliminary information, the permission for the demolition of the monument was given by the military.

The footage captured, as the nationalists removed the bas-relief. Later, they left the monument lying on the pavement. Among these radicals, presumably, were members of the tragic events in Odessa on Kulikovo field on may 2, 2014.

TV presenter Olga Skobeeva in his Telegram channel commented on the scandalous incident. She called the nationalists “freaks”.

Earlier Senator Franz Klintsevich explained why Ukrainian radicals feel the hatred of Marshal Zhukov.

We will remind, presenter and journalist Vladimir Solovyov reacted harshly to the illegal dismantling of the monument to Zhukov in Kharkov, Ukrainian.