The protest at the entrance to the city of Basra

© REUTERS/Essam al-Sudani

TASS, July 15. Ten people were injured on Sunday when police dispersed anti-government demonstrations in the province of al-qadisiyah in southern Iraq. This was reported by Sky News Arabia.

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According to him, the protesters attacked the building of the provincial administration, in response, the police used non-lethal weapons. What is not specified.

Earlier, a similar incident occurred in Basra and Di-Kare, where hundreds of unhappy conditions of life of the citizens stormed the city administrations, they block streets and burn tires . According to available information, the special units of the interior Ministry were used for crowd control, tear gas and water cannons, opened fire in the air.

By order of the Prime Minister Haydar al-Abadi, law enforcement agencies are in full combat readiness. In the provinces of Basrah, Karbala, Najaf and Maysan curfew. According to some media, the authorities, fearing the expansion of the protest movement that has blocked access to the Internet and social networks. In the cities covered by the protest, closed a state institution, there are additional cordon of security forces.

Anti-government protests continue for a seventh day, despite the Prime Minister announced a plan to exit the crisis. In particular, he immediately ordered to allocate from the state budget $3 billion in response to the demands of the protesters. Previously, the government announced that it would provide jobs for 10 thousand people.

Peaceful demonstrations that began in Basra, to Sunday covered almost all southern provinces of Iraq: DHI QAR, Maysan, Najaf, Kerbala, Babel. Last week, protesters tried to break into the territory of an oil complex “Western Kurna – 2″ in Basra, on Friday, hundreds of people rushed to the international airport of Najaf, on Saturday, the protesters blocked the only border checkpoint with Kuwait”, Caravan”. In some cases, the protests escalated into clashes with security forces, dozens of people were injured, have died.