The murder of Denis Boronenkov


The American newspaper The Washington Post went with the headline: “a few days before his death, this critic of Putin, said in an interview that he is in danger.”

Death Boronenkov forced to take a closer look at the scale and potential threat of promoting Russia abroad. Still not clear who would want the death Boronenkov. Theories include Russian agents, Ukrainian nationalists, or business interests, but the fact remains: he was another of the Kremlin’s opponents, who were among the dead.


The British newspaper The Guardian also describes Boronenkov as a criticism of the Russian President and the Kremlin’s policy.

Boronenkov talked about the possibility of retaliation by Russia after he left the country, but did not disappear. He gave a number of interviews after his flight, which sharply criticized the Russian President and the Kremlin’s policy in Ukraine . He compared modern Russia with Nazi Germany and called the annexation of Crimea illegal.


Norwegian newspaper Aftenposten published an article entitled “He ran away from Putin. It eliminated right on the street in Kiev.”

When Boronenkov and Maksakova escaped, the extra sensation was the fact that they chose Kiev. Earlier defectors from the ruling elite, Putin preferred other locations, such as, for example, London or Cyprus. Voronenkov was half Ukrainian, he received Ukrainian citizenship in record time. After the revolution of Maidan in Kiev occurred a few murders which are still unsolved.


The New York Times indicated that the murder seemed uncoordinated.

Contract killing, which is common in the countries of the former Soviet Union, is usually done with precision, and the murder in Kiev was extremely uncoordinated and bloody.


The Russian “Kommersant” writes that the death of Boronenkov became the most resonant murder in Kiev after the explosion of the car of Pavel Sheremet in July 2016.

The journalist was killed at the intersection of Bohdan Khmelnytsky and Ivan Franko, the master Boronenkov shot just a kilometer away from this place — at the intersection of Blvd. Taras Shevchenko and Pushkin str.

The publication noted that the former Deputy was killed outside the hotel, which is owned by the presidential special representative for cooperation with organizations of compatriots abroad Alexander Babakov.


The French newspaper Le Monde also called Boronenkov “fierce critic of Putin’s regime”.

In February, in an interview with Ukrainian media Voronenkov was subjected to fierce criticism of the Putin regime, comparing it with Nazi Germany.

In addition, in his article Le Monde mentioned column of “Novaya Gazeta” entitled “Voronenkov is the second of Litvinenko.”


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