Boris Vishnevsky

When you hear the Russian government, just remember the genius Eugene Schwartz.

The Chairman of the party “United Russia”, the former President, former Prime Minister and current Deputy Secretary of the Security Council , Dmitry Medvedev urged Russians during a pandemic to stay home and get pleasure from reading books, watching movies and socialising with close friends.

In turn, the head of the Central Bank Elvira Nabiullina called “irrelevant” direct distribution of money to the Russians during the current crisis.

Perhaps we can agree with them.

If you follow several simple conditions.

You can get pleasure from the isolation — if there is enough spacious house, where loved ones can comfortably accommodate, without constraining each other. And even better — a country residence.

If there is a maid that will clean and cook, wash and iron while you are with the people you enjoy socializing or watching a movie.

If you do not have to think about the dying business, lost work, ruined future plans, and where to take the money tomorrow to feed the family.

And if nothing — then Dmitry Medvedev, urging you to enjoy the isolation, almost copies what for many years was attributed to Marie Antoinette, saying, “no bread — let them eat cake”.

In fact, Elvira Nabiullina of this syndrome is not far away.

With her income of 38 million rubles a year the problems of those who earn a hundred times less, and now may lose it, completely irrelevant. Because no one is hungry fed.

And because neither Medvedev nor Nabiullina did not even blush, betraying his sentiments. Such “up there” were many — who drop squirts out assistance to citizens, or says that by increasing the size of “crack the budget.”

When you hear them, just remember the genius Eugene Schwartz.

“The skin under the briefs — it was the only white place on his body — went to his face. Since then, he has become extremely shameless, and slap calls simply “tap.”

Boris Vishnevsky