The security personnel covered the activities of the centre for drug rehabilitation in the Chernihiv region, where people illegally deprived of freedom.

according to “Russian conversation” with a link
the press service of the SBU, the organizers
“business” received application for compulsory
treatment from relatives and friends of those
those suspected of alcohol,
drug or other addiction.

under psychological pressure forced
to go to a rehabilitation centre and
case of refusal, the organizers used

the victims were held in barracks and
the cellars, where they were tortured.
They also could not independently
to leave the territory of the rehabilitation
the center, because were constantly
under the supervision of the so-called
the “guards” . In addition, the “rehab”
could not independently dispose of
their time, because they were forced
work on woodworking
the company, in agriculture or
at the construction site.

The SBU released about 200 people,
who confirmed that they had been tortured and
inflict grievous bodily harm.
Security forces also detained 22 warden
and three of them were the organizers
business. In the office of the head of the center
SBU officers found a grenade RGD-5
and traumatic weapon.

this fact opened a criminal case
under part 2 of article 127 and part 3 of article 146 of the criminal code of Ukraine.