Twenty most popular beaches of Thailand, a ban on Smoking cigarettes, said on Tuesday the newspaper Bangkok Post.

The purpose of the ban is to clean up the beaches from the huge number of cigarette butts that evening the carpet that covered the sand. The survey, conducted by the Department of marine and coastal resources marine biological center Phuket, every square metre of the beach lying on the cigarette, and on an area of 2.5 sq. km over 100 of them. Cigarette butts make up about one third of all garbage collected on the beaches.

The Department also noted that cigarette butts discarded every day on the roads of Phuket, clog up the sewer system, creating problems with flooding.

The ban will affect beaches in Klaeng, Rayong, Laem sing in Chanthaburi, Bang Saen, Pattaya and Ko si Chang in Chonburi, Cha Am in Phetchaburi, Hua hin Kiri Kan, Patong, Phuket, Koh Samui in Surat Thani and other .

According to the newspaper, the other popular beaches of Thailand will also join the list later.

The maximum penalty for violating the ban will be a year in prison and/or a fine up to 100 thousand baht (almost $3 million).

“Tourists will have to throw cigarette butts in special containers before they enter the beaches. Smoke on the beaches now will not work, because it always ends up thrown on the sand with cigarette butts,” said Department Director Jatupon Boripat. The next problem to be addressed by the Department, he said, will be throwing cigarette butts into the sea with pleasure boats and boats.