Yanina Sokolova said that she managed to beat cancer a little more than six months. His shocking confession she shared with the public in Facebook, reports “Russian conversation”.

Previously, Marina Yudashkin told about the health of his wife and fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin, whose doctors found cancer.

According to Sokolova, about this terrible diagnosis, she has learned 7 months ago. A popular journalist admitted that during this time she lost her hair, eyebrows and eyelashes due to radiation surgeries and chemotherapy. However, all this time, she not only was in the hospital, but yourself creatively implemented.

Sokolova said that in the 7 months she also recorded a total of 50 editions of his broadcasts, has held 5 conferences, published a book, released two television course, produced the film about the APU, played in a theatre play and the film, and also received 2 silver button from YouTube.

The journalist pointed to the unwillingness of Ukrainian society to coexist with people who were diagnosed with cancer. Sokolov said that Ukraine is not always ready to provide normal living conditions and treatment such as it is, the country is sick with cancer, approximately one million Ukrainians.

Presenter posted a picture after chemotherapy and said he wants to devote his life to helping cancer patients people.

As reported, “Russian conversation”, a famous Russian leading weather Alexander Belyaev is also admitted in the fight against cancer.

Recall that the presenter Yegor Ivashchenko said that the singer Yulia Nachalova the doctors diagnosed her with lymphoma.