Victoria Lopyreva gave an extensive interview in which, in particular, touched on the subject of female sexuality. Reporters asked her whether the woman is sexy, because “the modern feminist movement says the opposite”. The answer to this question Lopyreva published in his Instagram account, according to “Russian conversation”.

“What nonsense! Of course, the woman by and large do not have anything to anyone man, too. How to look, what to wear is a personal matter” she said and added that true sexuality every woman wears inside.

In her opinion, sexuality is not dependent on the color of hair, clothes and shoes. It is possible to find a look or gesture.

Sobchak seems to closely monitoring the activity of lopyrevoy in social networks. Socialite lightning gave her an angry comment, in which he accused Lopyreva in ignorance. According to her, Victoria is not versed in feminism.

“What nonsense? Why a feminist can’t be sexy? You do understand the meaning of this word? FEM-movement is the struggle for equal rights to sexuality is irrelevant,” explained TV presenter and ex-candidate in presidents of Russia.

However, most members supported the view lopyrevoy. Her post has already like more than 40 thousand followers.

Recall the famous ballerina Anastasia Volochkova was first admitted, the reason for its strained relationship with Sobchak, and told the truth about the humiliation of the presenter.