Many stars of the Russian show-business attended the TEFI award and received their long-awaited statuette, according to the Russian Dialogue.

So, the young TV presenter Anastasia Evseeva won as much in as many as two nominations, while the popular Ksenia Sobchak left with empty hands. After the ceremony the former presidential candidate spoke in his Instagram, which caused a lot of comments.

Fans of Xenia sure that she was furious from winning rival Nastia Elleway. Apparently, leading the “eagle and Tails” this time its “done”. And in spite of the strict form of Xenia proved that she is extremely vulnerable. Subscribers Sobchak surprised by her sincerity and supported the star.

Recall, as reported by the Russian Dialogue, Ksenia Sobchak is going to move abroad and leave the son to ex-husband. So we decided fans of the star when she announced that her dream is to live abroad and not change against the country. The fact that the TV presenter is fed up with her popularity and the attention of journalists, so she wants to escape to where the less well-known.

Sobchak is the son of Plato from his first marriage with Maxim Vitorgan, which is most of the time with his father. That is why many hate the star decided that the boy will remain with the former husband of Ksenia, not hers. The Vitorgan Sr. has repeatedly said that Plato almost did not see the mother because of her constant employment. Advertising projects, photography and a new marriage takes up all her time.

It also became known that the husband of Ksenia, Konstantin Bogomolov against her communication with her ex-husband. This may have influenced the absence of star mother in the son’s life.