SEVASTOPOL, may 22. /Offset. TASS Andrei Medina/. Card of the resident of Sevastopol, which is scheduled to personify social benefits in the city will be introduced from 1 January 2018. This was announced at a meeting of city government, the acting Governor of the region Dmitry Ovsyannikov.


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“From January 1, 2018, we will introduce the map of Sevastopol, we need to choose a Bank, select the concessionaire that will put the validators (devices for automatic fare collection), in addition, it related to the manner of movement of money, so we will reflect this in the budget for 2018,” he said.

The Director of the Department of transport, Igor Titov, in turn, said that soon will be a competition for the project for introduction of automatic fare collection, including preferential categories of citizens . Now, according to authorities, more than 175 thousand inhabitants of Sevastopol have the right to free travel in public transport, this is 42% of the total population living in the city.

Social card of the inhabitant of Sevastopol – a project implemented by the city government by analogy with the use of such cards in other regions, including in Moscow, where with the use of the social card provided by ease of implementation of the rights to preferential journey in public transport. In addition, the card allows you to provide convenience and security of receiving pensions, scholarships, subsidies, grants, social payments and private funds. Social card you can pay for various services, including housing and utilities, taxes, to pay for goods in stores.