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Sofia Rotaru


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In Kyiv hosted a Grand concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of creative activity of the famous Ukrainian composer Ruslan QUINTA.

Recently in Kiev was held a wonderful concert, which was devoted to the works of the famous Ukrainian composer Ruslan QUINTA. At this concert the main and was the favorite singer Sofia Rotaru, who opened and closed the concert.

But still, this concert was not without some curious and funny situations. The famous and much-loved artist performing their song “Autumn flowers” suddenly fell on the stage singing the final song.

As you know, the singer is already 69 years old, came to the composer who akkompaniroval her on the piano. tangled in the skirt, it fell directly on him. Quint kept his head, and helped her up, Sofia Rotaru.

“I’m sorry, – she said from the stage. – Hold me tight” .

After the concert, a celebrity took part in a photo shoot with other artists from the event. The appearance of the singer was flawless, she began to look much better than before.

Image of rotary corresponds to the current youth fashion. She twice changing clothes all night.

Also, the concert came to support the singer and her relatives – son and his wife and granddaughter Sonya.