Solar Eclipse 2018


Photo: from open sources

Science news: this Friday, July 13, there will be a partial solar Eclipse, which can adversely affect members of certain Zodiac signs.

Solar Eclipse 13 Jul-2018 opens the corridor of the Eclipse, which will be completed only after two weeks lunar Eclipse of 27 July 2018. The solar Eclipse will begin on 13 July, that is this Friday, at 6:02 local time. However, the Ukrainians watch it. it’s a solar Eclipse will be seen only in Tasmania, part of Australia and New Zealand (in the South of these countries) and in the Eastern part of Antarctica.

Solar Eclipse July 13, 2018: what you can and cannot do in this day

Solar Eclipse July 13, 2018: the danger of

During a solar Eclipse, people often complain of headaches and heartaches, pressure surges, as well as exacerbation of chronic diseases . People who are aware of such weaknesses, you should prepare ahead of time: stories need a procedure and stock up on necessary medicines.

In the days of eclipses – all – traditionally you should not start new projects, to start a large-scale business and plan a trip. At this time you need to monitor your own emotions – not to throw them over the edge, not to start quarrels and fights. But the main thing to remember: “to find a common language – your need a little bite”, so you should watch what you say and to whom.

Solar Eclipse 2018: when to expect and how to survive

Solar Eclipse July 13, 2018: signs and who is at risk

The solar Eclipse on July 13, will be in the constellation Gemini in the projection on the zodiac is Cancer. That is why, according to astrologers, Cancerians that is more likely to be affected by this Eclipse.

In addition, the risk are Capricorn, Leo and Aquarius. These four signs are not advised to share their plans with others, and in General it is better to avoid too much communication these days. Advise them to make plans (ideas are bubbling in their heads) – but their implementation is better to wait for better times (especially financial).

In late July, Ukrainians will be able to observe the lunar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse July 13, 2018: what should I do

Astrologers recommend that all signs of the Zodiac to spend the day of the solar Eclipse on 13 July 2018 in a relaxed atmosphere and the positive people as possible doing what he loved. Also during this period, it is better to engage in long-term planning. And all my plans to write – in order to visualize their dreams.