OLE Gunnar solskjaer has decided to refrain from comment likely care your player.

The head coach of Manchester United’s OLE Gunnar solskjaer said that will not speak to midfielder Paul Pogba about his likely departure from the team.

The Norwegian expert believes that this is something that you should not comment.

“If I was talking to Pogba about his possible departure? Probably not. This is not my area of responsibility. A Field with a mine (the agent Pogba – approx. ed.) has its own atmosphere.

I don’t need the media to comment on Rioli. I can myself talk to him. There are many things that are simply better not to comment,” said solskjaer Goal.com.

Earlier it was reported that Manchester United intend to sell Pogba to Euro 2020. Mino Rayol noted that his client is not against to return to Juventus.

According to the materials: