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During the appearance of the Universe matter and antimatter should have destroyed each other, but for some reason this did not happen.

Scientists have explained one of the fundamental contradictions of the Standard model of physics describing how antimatter could prevail over matter. This was reported on the website

Scientists say that antimatter must exist because all visible objects in the universe move. If they moved with such speed in space where “nothing”, they would just burst. But this means that the apparent empty space filled with antimatter, which should be much more than matter.

So scientists Raymond To the University of Michigan and Keisuke Harigaya from the Institute of policy studies found an explanation for this contradiction. Experts have suggested that the axion particle has spin. Previously it was thought that it began to fluctuate later, when cooling of the Universe.

The axion is a hypothetical particle that rarely interacts with ordinary matter and a billion times lighter than the proton.

Presumably, the rotation of axions in the early Universe released big kolichestvo energy. It turned into particles of ordinary matter – baryons. Take axion field created slightly more matter than antimatter.

With each rotation of the axion tiny part of matter remained forming the visible world for us. This mechanism is called axiogenesis. He can explain the predominance of matter over antimatter in the Universe and a few contradictions.

Previously, scientists proved the existence of alien life in the Universe. Also the Correspondent wrote that was opened probable particle dark matter.

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