In a number of countries are gradually beginning to loosen the restrictions imposed due to the spread of infectious diseases COVID-19 against the background of stabilization of the situation with coronavirus.

So, in Iran, from Monday begin to open long-distance motorway, also within the framework of the attenuation introduced due to coronavirus COVID-19 incommunicado resumed work and large shopping centres.

It is reported that opened as shopping malls luxury and markets, in particular the main Bazaar of the capital, Tehran Grand Bazaar. However, the new stores will work only till 18:00 (16:30 kV).

In recent days in Iran have recorded 91 cases of death of patients with coronaviruses. In addition, 1294 diagnosed with new cases of infection. Thus, from the beginning of the epidemic in the country identified 83505 infections, 5209 people died. Meanwhile, 59273 sick recovered.

Earlier in April, the authorities have noted a gradual decline in new cases of coronavirus.

In some regions of Germany on Monday also opened stores area of 800 sq. m., in Berlin, this decision has not been made yet.

In Berlin, the capital of private and Federal land, while the only open grocery stores, household goods shops and some services, such as point repair of mobile phones. Land on Tuesday, the Senate will make the final decision, as expected, stores will be opened on Wednesday or Thursday.

As of April 20 in Germany have 141672 people recorded coronavirus, 4404 of a person with the virus died.

In Norway Monday to resume the work of kindergartens, it’s been announced earlier, Prime Minister of Norway Erna Solberg. In addition, the Norwegians will be allowed to go to country cottages.

A week later, go back to school elementary school students, and students of several universities and colleges. Can also resume the work of hairdressers and other businesses in the service sector, if they are adhered to measures to combat the spread of the virus.

Since the beginning of the pandemic coronavirus in Norway 7103 diagnosed cases of infection, 165 people with COVID-19 died.

Next week to gradually remove restrictions nationwide quarantine begins in New Zealand.

As reported by the government, the first phase will begin on 27 April at 23:59 local time , the duration will be two weeks. Will resume some businesses and schools will be followed by the easing of restrictions on internal displacement. In addition, you will allow meetings up to 10 people for events such as weddings and funerals. During this time, about 500 thousand inhabitants will return to work if they will be able to comply with social distancing.

A day in New Zealand showed only nine cases. Thus, as of 20 April, in the country diagnosed with 1440 cases of infection, 12 of the infected have died.

In Spain, one of the most epidemiologically unfavorable countries, the number of deaths due to infection COVID-19 per day decreased to less than 400.

According to the Ministry of health of the country over the past day died 399 patients with coronavirus, while during the last week this figure was at the level of 520-585.

For the third day and decreases the number of detected new cases of infection, for the last day of the diagnosis 4216 patients.

Since its appearance in Spain, the coronavirus has killed more than 20.8 thousand people in the country. Has infected more than 200 thousand, 80 thousand recovered.

Spain occupies the second place after the USA in the list with the largest number of identified infections and the third place – the number of deaths.

In Hong Kong for the first time since the beginning of March for a day is not revealed new cases of infection with coronavirus COVID-19.

According to the newspaper The Guardian, first in Hong Kong were not found new cases on March 5.

As of 20 April, in Hong Kong diagnosed 1026 cases of infection, while four men with coronavirus has died.

As soon as the situation in some countries is getting better, in the USA there were protests in which participants called for the repeal of imposed because of the pandemic of limitations.

So, in the state of Kentucky after these protests marked increase in daily increase in cases of infection with coronavirus.

As said before, the Governor of Kentucky Andy Basher, the state has identified 273 new cases COVID-19, which is the highest daily rate in the state since the start of the pandemic.

“We have in Kentucky, there are people who say that we need to open Kentucky. People, it can kill people. It certainly would have killed people,” to quote the American media of the word basher.

Total 2960 diagnosed infections recorded 148 deaths of patients with the virus. 1122 sick recovered.

The US still leads in the number of cases COVID-19 – in the country identified 764265 infected, 40565 patients with the coronavirus has died. Meanwhile, 71012 sick recovered.

Riots occur on the streets of Paris. On the background of the isolation regime imposed on March 17, clashes broke out between the inhabitants of Villeneuve-La-Garenne, and police officers.

According to the newspaper The Washington post, the isolation was particularly difficult for the population of areas like Villeneuve-La-Garenne and the surrounding major cities of France including Paris. Previously, a number of these areas have already received information about the riots. Also, critics of the authorities say that the police more strictly enforces isolation in these municipalities, and not in the centre of Paris.

According to the statistical website, Worldometer, in the world since the beginning of the pandemic COVID-19 as of April 20, diagnosed 2 425 437 infection coronavirus infection of them 166058 infected died. Meanwhile, 636378 sick recovered.

At the moment 1623001 sick people, 54318 of them are in critical condition.