This event unhappy even astronomers. So, on June 23, the American space Agency NASA intends to launch an atomic clock, the main destiny which does not show the time and the navigation for future space exploration. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

First, the expert predicted the war earthlings with the aliens using the beam weapon.

The spacecraft sends information to the plurality of antennas on earth and the navigators, which use atomic clocks on Earth to coordinate time and send navigation instructions back to the ship.

Proponents of alternative science believe that sending an atomic clock, can lead to resentment humanoids that can use such innovations against the inhabitants of the globe. Of particular importance to world science atomic clocks do not have, as they give an opportunity to measure the effects of gravitational processes. Ufologists insist that it must linger with the launch of the variety of hours in order to prevent clashes with extraterrestrial humanoids. Now, scientists check the accuracy of the hypothesis proposed by the researchers of the existence of extraterrestrial creatures.

Previously on the Mars revealed the entrance to the underground base of the aliens. Recall that the dwarf is an alien escaped from “Area 51”.