Airborne troops of Russia will soon have to adopt armored vehicles on KAMAZ. Currently available only prototype airborne vehicle that is able to be landed by parachute from military aircraft. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

According to the preliminary
information, mass production of the above cars will start in 2019
year. Airborne troops together with the Military-industrial company and the Kama automobile plant
working on promising wheeled vehicles special purpose combat
modules, the General said.

Now the Marines have
the presence of 6-wheeled armored car “Typhoon”, which is established
himself during military campaigns in the North Caucasus and Syria.

Earlier, the Syrians have equipped the Trucks With a gun-60, bringing terror to the enemies .

The Internet has got the footage, Syrian soldiers transformed the Russian KAMAZ military unit, providing a machine 57-millimeter anti-aircraft guns C-60. Antiaircraft gun is able to reach and destroy a target at a distance of 4000 meters. Sometimes the shells fired from the cannon with an initial velocity of 1000 m/s, hitting a side view of a medium tank T-55, I took him down. Moreover, sometimes the BMP-1 were transformed into piles of scrap metal.