The story of the escape of the wife of the ruler of Dubai Mohammed bin Rashid Princess Haya acquires new details. According to the newspaper The Times, the wife of the Sheikh was suspected of treason, reports “Russian conversation”.

According to sources, Mohammed bin Rashid caught his wife with a bodyguard at his mansion during an unexpected visit to London in may and thought their relationship was “inappropriate”. Ruler of the Emirate was shocked by the behavior of his wife and demanded that she immediately returned with him to the UAE, but the Princess refused.

Sheikh found out that Haya was given to the bodyguard, which, incidentally, is a former British army officer with expensive gifts, which added fuel to the fire of suspicion.

Now the Sheikh and the Princess are getting a divorce.

Now Haya is hiding in a townhouse in Central London. Earlier media wrote that the reason for the escape was the cruelty of the wife, who allegedly callously treated a daughter from another marriage with Princess Latifah.

Last year Latif also attempted to escape, but it was unsuccessful – she was caught and put in jail.

On hearing this, Haya was scared for themselves and their children and decided to hide from her husband in the West.

Sheik, by the way, has already reacted to the act of the wife. According to Mohammed, he “spit” on the fate of the “traitor”.

“Some mistakes are considered to be a betrayal. You disappeared and betrayed. You betrayed the most sacred – my trust and showed his true nature. You no longer have a place near me. I don’t care whether you live or die,” he wrote in his Instagram-accaduti.