Park Won-Sun
Photo: Yonhap News

The body of the deceased policy found in the city Park.

Died 9 July, the mayor of Seoul Park Won-soon in his suicide note apologized to the citizens and family and bequeathed to cremate his body. The text of the note quoted by the Agency Yonhap, writes “RBC”.

“Sorry, everyone. Thanks to everyone who was there in my life. I apologize to my family, I brought only pain. Please cremate me and sprinkle the ashes over the grave of my parents”, — reads the message.

The disappearance of the mayor of Seoul July 9, said his daughter. She told police that unable to communicate with his father for five hours, and told about his note, similar to a will. In city government announced that the policy did not come in that day to work because of poor health and had canceled all planned Affairs. Law enforcement reviewed surveillance video and found that the mayor left his residence in Central Seoul at 10:44 and 15 minutes later arrived at the Park Bugaksan in the capital of South Korea.

The police organized a search operation involving hundreds of police, dogs and drones. It lasted about seven hours, the body of 64-year-old mayor with no signs of violent death found only at midnight. Beside the body found a bag, a water bottle, cell phone, pens and business card of the mayor.

Body Park Won-soon was taken to the morgue of the hospital of Seoul national University, his supporters waited at the hospital, some crying and screaming: “get Up, Park Won-soon”, “We love you, Park Won-soon” and “Forgive us, Park Won-soon”.

The mayor of Seoul disappeared soon after expressed in his address allegations of sexual harassment on the part of the Secretary of the mayor. According to her, they started since it was going to work in the mayor’s office in 2017. Park Won-soon allegedly sent a subordinate their private pictures and harassed her physically.

A member of the ruling Democratic party, Park Won-soon held a post of the mayor of Seoul in 2011 and was considered a potential candidate in the presidential election of 2022.

Before joining mayor Park Won-soon was known in South Korea lawyer in this capacity he won the first in the history of the Republic the case of sexual harassment. He was engaged in the struggle for civil rights and sought compensation for the women in the period of Japanese occupation were forced to work in military brothels.