In the network appeared the information that indicates the death of the Soviet and American physicist Alexei Abrikosov, who in the past Nobel prize winner.

Information about the death of the scientist declared the former head of the Ministry of education and science of Russia Dmitry Livanov, reports “Russian conversation”, referring to “Echo of Moscow”.

Apricots died on 89-m to year of life. Once he has performed as a member of the RAS and was in the National Academy of Sciences of the United States and the London Royal society.

Physicist, left Russia in 1991 and settled in the United States. It “sheltered” the University of Illinois and the University of Utah. There is a scientist that received in 1999 an American passport, and started teaching.

The study abrikosovo managed to fix the presence of superconductors of the second type . The scientist drew attention to the preserving properties of the conductor even in range of a powerful magnetic field. He managed to build a solid explanation of this phenomenon.

In addition, he became the author of the discovery of the effect of linear quantum magnetic resistance.

In 2003 Alexey Abrikosov, Vitaly Ginzburg and James Leggett gave a Nobel prize for the creation of “fundamental works on the theory of superconductors and superfluid liquids.

The physicist began his academic career in the industry in 1945. In 1948 he managed to graduate with honors from the Moscow state University. The role of the mentor the future of the pioneer went to the legendary Soviet physicist Lev Landau, who founded a scientific school.

During the two decades from 1965 to 1988 was engaged in teaching at the Institute of theoretical physics named after L. D. Landau.

It is worth mentioning that Apricots and himself acted as the founder of this institution.