By the space probe Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter, which orbits the red planet, photographed by the Rover Curiosity, in the moment, overcoming the “live” dunes on the upper slopes of mount sharp. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

As it was established, the world-famous research ship
located in the dunes of Bagnold, sand which crumbles from the slopes of mount sharp.

At the moment, the Curiosity Rover has reached the upper slopes of mount sharp —
interesting for the science of geological formation, which is located in
the center of Gale crater.

Previously, the Network got a video of the first Earthling on Mars.

The new development is equipped with about 200 sensors placed on the head,
shoulders, stomach and legs. The data obtained from them, allow the robot to estimate
information in order to select the most suitable surface for the next step .