SpaceX arranging a funeral in space

This service will cost at least $2490.

The SpaceX company will take part in the project Elysium Star II launch into orbit of the memorial of the ship with the ashes of the dead, as stated on the website Elysium Star.

It is reported that Elysium Star craft II will be the first of its kind, intended for a funeral in outer space.

Previously, the ashes were also taken to space, but only as secondary goods.

Currently, the company offers everyone to book this service for their loved ones. It will cost at least $2490.

The ashes of the deceased will be placed in a special capsule, and its surface can be applied an inscription with a length of 80 characters.

In addition, the location of the memorial of the ship can be tracked with the help of special application. It is expected that around the earth, it will circle up to two years .