Photo: Backup Boeing C32 Donald trump

Tallinn airport July 15, will sit reserve Board, Boeing C32, U.S. President Donald trump.

Sunday, July 15, at the airport of Tallinn will sit reserve Board US President Donald trump, who on the next day of the planned bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It is reported the Estonian public broadcasting (ERR).

In particular, it stated that trump arrive for a meeting on air force 1 – the Boeing 747 in Helsinki. But spare Boeing C32 and transport aircraft of the U.S. air force will stay until the end of the meeting in Tallinn.

Informed Finnish media reported that in Finland delivered the limousine project Cortege, which will travel Putin. It is expected that talks between the two leaders will be held in the presidential Palace, which at the time of the Russian Empire served as the residence of the Emperor .

In addition, it was reported that the trump to the meeting with Putin will hold separate talks with President of Finland Sauli Niinistö.

The us state Department reported that along with trump at the summit in Helsinki will depart Secretary of state Mike Pompeo.

The President of the United States on Thursday, answering questions of journalists at the NATO summit in Brussels, said the upcoming talks with Putin can be “really effective”. Trump also asked what would be the ultimate goal of the meeting between the two leaders.

“No nuclear weapons anywhere in the world – this could be the ultimate goal, right? No more wars, problems, conflicts,” – said the President of the United States.

In Moscow expect difficult negotiations of presidents of Russia and the United States, given the large number of differences between the two countries.

Recall, trump in Brussels confirmed that the meeting with the head of the Russian Federation will raise the issue in Ukraine.

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