During the fighting in Syria was seen by a Russian T-55 tanks, which have a strong protection from the rear. The old version was armed with “reactive armor” in the front hull and turret, also it is mounted on-Board screens. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Similar technology
let the Syrians, not only to repair armor, but also carry it
field upgrades. Moreover, now the unit feels more confident
on the field of battle.

This novelty has
one significant disadvantage – going for a tank infantry could be harmed by shrapnel
“reactive armor”.

Previously American General was jealous of Russian tanks.

“Russia is the main battle tank T-14 with the active protection system and
desert tower, which is much better protection for the crew. There
things which we do not have, and armor that is not available to us. This the tank,
we would like to have by 2030,” – said the military .