Costs Americans on online purchases during the holiday season shopping may reach record high, experts predict the industry.

Spending on online shopping in November and December is expected to be $143,7 billion, which is 14.1% more compared to a year earlier, according to research by Adobe Analytics, which analyzes transactions 80 of the top 100 U.S. online retailers, including Walmart and Amazon.

Sales on cyber Monday, predicted to grow by almost 19 percent from a year earlier to $9.4 billion, says Adobe. Sales in the “black Friday” is expected to reach $7.5 billion, an increase of 20.3%. Meanwhile, online sales on thanksgiving Day can jump by 19.5% compared to a year earlier and to $4.4 billion

Meanwhile, retailers will have to actively compete for customers, because the current holiday season – between thanksgiving and Christmas is six days shorter than last year.

So, Walmart began posting great deals for buyers on the Internet sooner than they did usually. CEO Target CEO Brian Cornell said earlier in November: “Every day will have a value”.

“We expect that retailers will offer discounts and to arrange the sale much earlier and much more consistently,” said Manager of product marketing in Adobe Analytics Nate Smith.

“This situation will be the whole of November” – he said.

The national Federation of retailers (National Retail Federation, NRF) predicts total growth in retail sales during the holiday season with 3.8-4.2% in the current year, excluding cars, gasoline and restaurants. This will match from $727,9 billion to $730,7 billion. meanwhile, the organization notes that the uncertainty of trade may have a negative impact on sales.