The state property Fund (SPF) of Ukraine included in the lists of large objects of privatization to be preparing to sell in 2018, PJSC “President-Hotel”, JSC “United mining and chemical company” (OGHK), state enterprise “Electronmash”, “Electrotyazhmash”, “Dnieper electric locomotive plant”, “Plant “state enterprise”, “Vinnitsa factory “Crystal”.

According to the order of the state property Fund of 13 December, published in the newspaper “Vedomosti privatization” in the environment, these objects, as well as state-owned enterprises “black sea shipping”, Severodonetsk CHP, “Ustanovochnyj” will prepare for the privatization of the Central apparatus of the Fund.

The regional offices with the preparation for the sale of “Agricultural Fund”, state-owned enterprises for the processing of scrap and waste containing precious metals “Dnipro-VDM”, coal company “Krasnolimanskaya”, “Lisichanskugol”, 16 coal mines and other smaller objects .

As noted on the page in Facebook the acting head of the SPF Vitaly Trebarov only, the list includes about 200 objects of different industries, but more than half of them by law are prohibited for privatization.

In particular, we are talking about the “great Patriotic”, “Ukrspirt”, “Ukrbud”, “Lviv state jewellery plant”, “powder metallurgy Plant”, “Ukrainian Danube shipping company”, as well as 13 ports, including all major “South”, Odessa, “the Black sea” and Mariupol.