In accordance with the agreement reached on Monday, the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and king Salman, Japan will help create Saudi Arabia’s special economic zone.

Japan will help create a special
economic zone in Saudi Arabia to implement more than 30 projects
cooperation between the two countries in accordance with the agreement reached in
Monday leaders: Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and the king

It is reported that the agreement
it was aimed at diversification of economy of Saudi Arabia by reducing
the country’s dependence on oil. The cooperation projects involve the participation of as
public and private companies of both countries. Japan is ready to provide
Saudi Arabia’s assistance in infrastructure development, medicine, tourism, and
in the field of renewable energy sources.

Sunday king Salman
arrived in Japan on an official visit in the framework of his tour of Asia .

According to the world Bank, in
2015 Japan was included in the list of Saudi importers and
Saudi Arabia remains the largest supplier of oil to Japan, covering 33.5% of
the total volume of Japanese imports.

Recall that Saudi Arabia has already sent their representative for negotiations with the United States.

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