No new resolutions of the UN Security Council due to a chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib this week will be needed if the U.S., Britain and France would reconsider its position on this issue. This was stated on Thursday by Deputy Minister of foreign Affairs of Russia Sergey Ryabkov.

As noted Ryabkov, he
hopes that Moscow’s proposals on the draft resolution ”is not just accepted
into account, but also forced to revise the original approach, which fully
soaked in yesterday’s Western Troika”.

According to him, the charges
extended to the Syrian government regarding deadly attacks without
any investigation, make the resolution “unacceptable for us in this
context and the interpretation”.

“We have fundamentally
to process the text,” Ryabkov said .

“The statements made in
Washington, in the meetings of the UN Security Council in new York, of course,
do not add optimism because we hear the accusations against Damascus that
happens, not trying to figure out what’s actually happened,”
says Ryabkov.

On Tuesday, the Syrian
the opposition said that the forces of President Bashar al-Assad has used against the people
Idlib the Syrian chemical gas, killing about 80 people. Assad argued that
his government has chemical weapons, as agreed to destroy
it even in 2013. He also ruled out the possibility of the use of chemical
substances against their own people.

Reports Sputnik – translation
edition of “Russian conversation”