A citizen of North Korea Lee Jong-Chul, who was arrested last month in Malaysia because of suspicions about his alleged murder of Kim Jong-Nam, half-brother, Kim Jong UN, said Saturday that had nothing to do with Kim’s death.

Released and deported
Lee told reporters in Beijing that the Malaysian police tried to force
to accept the fact that he was involved in the death of Kim.

Reportedly, Lee said
that day was not even at the airport where Kim died, and called the police
the investigation is an attempt to damage the reputation of North Korea.

On 13 February, the citizen of North
Korea under the name Kim Chol was killed by two women at the international airport
Kuala Lumpur with toxic substances. It is reported that it was Kim Jong

Malaysian police have identified
Kim was killed by a nerve agent that is considered to be chemical weapons
a UN klassificeret it as a weapon of mass destruction . After
the alleged murder, police detained three suspects, including Lee Jong
Chul. However, no evidence linking Pyongyang with Kim’s murder has not been found yet.

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