Among other types of contraband weapons, the Russian security service has confiscated guns.

On Monday, the Federal
security service of Russia (FSB) said that the RAID group
gun smugglers in Central Russia and seized a cache of weapons and

“[The FSB] stopped activity
the interregional criminal group, which organized the modernization of
firearms of mass-dimensional layouts and civil systems in
sweatshops and selling them in different regions of Russia”, – reads the statement

According to the statement, in
the result of arrests last week in Kaluga, Bryansk and
Moscow regions, have been identified and workshops on modifications of weapons and
the production of ammunition .

The FSB has supplemented these operations
the seizure of the 23-millimeter Aviapark, 56 Russian and foreign firearms
weapons, 33 pounds of explosives and also of grenades, mines, fuses, electric
detonators and ammunition.

Earlier, the FSB found a group of smugglers transporting weapons of mass destruction from the United States. And in Spain police found a fundamentally new way to transport drugs.

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