Photo: Twitter the hadza People also lead sedentary lifestyle, but they are healthier

Position, in which the person sits, influences the risk of cardiovascular disease and other health problems.

American scientists from the University of southern California, after investigating, stated that squatting or on my knees a lot more than on the chair. These findings assistants made after observing the life of hunter-gatherers of Africa, writes the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

Researchers observed the Tanzanian hunter-gatherers of the hadza tribe. They have a lifestyle reminiscent of that which people have been informed.

Scientists have tried to understand why sedentary lifestyle of modern man can cause a number of diseases.

Members of the hadza tribe carried with him a special device to monitor their physical activity and recreation. It turned out that the Tanzanians were engaged in physical work only slightly more hours a day. Scientists have noted that our ancestors had a high level of inactivity.

The hadza are the same sedentary lifestyle as people in developed countries – up to 10 hours a day in a stationary state. However, this does not affect their health.

The researchers believe that it’s all in the pose. People hadza mostly sitting or squatting on the knees. And this position causes higher levels of muscle activity than if you sit on a chair or on the couch.

According to scientists, modern humans do not copy the behaviour of Tanzanians. But it does not hurt to periodically get up from the table, walk or sit down.

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