Yuri Nazarov — the great Russian artist. And this no one doubts. Artist Tarkovsky, the actor, who starred in the cult perestroika film “Little Vera” so that the spirit grasps. But he was a Communist besides, the artist-Communist, Yes. This communism, the Stalin of it and climbs. That’s where Nazarovskaya secret passion! And Nazarov interesting person. Interesting person today is 80!

photo: Natalia Muslinkina

“I’m very simple. To a primitive can be”

— Yuri, your simplicity, it apparent? The actor somehow have to specially dress up for any presentation?

I have no idea. Many artists believe that should I somehow do not think so. Why? What to embellish yourself what the shadow on the fence-inducing? That is what it is. Many artists will disagree with me, so Actresses all the polls, I guess. Profession for women, emotional.

— So you are a simple man, can I call you that?

— Very simple. To a primitive, maybe .

What a simple man could work with Tarkovsky?

— So starred in two movies, in three roles. And why the hell not? In Tarkovsky’s that complicated?

In Tarkovsky? His films are considered to be still not all understood, unsolved. The same “Mirror”…

— And who can say that all fully understand the “Hell” of Dante, or “War and peace” or Dostoevsky? Yes, Lord, Ostrovsky, Alexander Nikolaevich to understand… Yeah no shit, excuse the expression. Well, it’s art. Aeschylus, Sophocles we fully understand?

— Then it turns out that simple at all. And you difficult.

What do you mean simple? Well, the living one, the Lord gave. Know how to read, the TV I look. And there you have to understand that just that easy. Now America the whole world is afraid of Korea, you know. America, which destroyed a fifth of Koreans once.

— Now you want to give me political information?

— No, I do not. Just I don’t understand. When the entire civilized world calls us the “evil Empire”.

— It is also Reagan said it first.

Well, Reagan. It is that, right?

But I’m the same…

— What Tarkovsky… Tarkovsky is an artist, Director. He wakes the thought, and I’m thankful for that. But someone that thought can Shirshov excited, someone already. And someone to care… I have a friend of the school, winner of the Lenin prize, doctor of chemical Sciences, he Shukshin closer than Tarkovsky.

— Tastes differ.

I know: Tolstoy Shakespeare something not pleased, and well now… And Shakespeare is somehow not damaged, in my opinion. And fat is also not damaged.

— And how I chose you?

— How could I know. I auditioned in “Ivanov the childhood”, what then Zubkov Valentin, brilliantly played.

Still from the film “Andrei Rublev”, 1966.

— Well you played in the iconic film “Andrei Rublev” and “Mirror”… “Mirror” is actually his autobiographical confession.

— I think that Rublev, Boriska the bell master is the two spiritual, creative portrait of Tarkovsky. As this work happens, how it tortures, torments.

— But you’re on the set communicated?

— Somehow I did not climb anywhere, and he too did not climb. At some feast, he raised a toast, said, “I have not the honour to be a friend of the Jurassic, but a friendship with him will count for honor”. Maybe it’s just a word, do not know. He treated me well and with compassion. Here Tolya Solonitsyn Kolya by Burlaivis he was tortured and they were happy. And I was not tortured. My only horse was tortured. You know, the stupidity of it, I never heard of them, well not remember me. It was not that! When the “Little Faith” I was Vasya Picula, on the third day I remembered Tarkovsky, because Bob stupidity, too, was not typical. Many happen: vyaknet he’s not there…

— A film maker, he is God and king. Nonsense, do that nonsense! Obey and do it. Artist, your place in the cupboard.

— But with this I do agree. Well, if I’m an artist, it is not the most common type. If the Director said something stupid, so let them prove that they need it. And when I say “No, do so!” I said, “I’m not going to do that.” I don’t understand. But in his forehead I don’t say that. We have actors, a technical term — justification. So we have been taught Stanislavsky, Vakhtangov…

— That is, the artist needs to justify any of your character even the villain.

— No. It must be true, everything you do. Here’s how to work smartly, brilliantly, delightfully without education special Georgy Yumatov. He front passed, he was 19 years old when the war ended, he was in Vienna, whether on the Danube is finished… on the armored boat, sailor. And asked him: “were You scared?”. He neither hell nor the devil wasn’t afraid of anyone.

— Directors?

He was scared twice on the front and on the set. And as far as I know, not the Directors, and was afraid to lie. Because we have a very not afraid to lie, and lie, lie, lie… And in small things and in large, and ideology, in anything. But Georgy was afraid to lie. Not lie ever. Now when these massacre there, snot flying in different directions, fell, rolled over, jumped, he fell fifteen times to die needs of people after such attacks. Georgii Alexandrovich did not. But he was small, a bit less of me even half a centimeter. But this cast! And here’s the scene I remember: he is a bully, waved his hand, and he left, waved, and he left again. And this man-the lump starts to shake, he can’t get it. Really? True.

“Yes, Stalin personally didn’t shoot anyone!”

— You, sorry, 250 roles, plus or minus.

— Maybe 300, who knows.

— How to stay true by playing so much?

I just don’t lie.

But what you play now, in these series… You with Tarkovsky worked!

— So what? After all, Tarkovsky, he’s not God. He’s a wonderful master, he rest in peace and memory eternal. You know, somehow Michael Livshits, who taught Marxism-Leninism in the Academy of fine arts, in Soviet times, dreamed that Marxism was driven by doctrine, as it is now. And for what? To him fell off the army Gvozdimyh. And that ruined everything. Well what a Communist was Nikita Khrushchev? Vladimir Lenin bequeathed that to become a Communist only when you enrich your mind with knowledge of all of the wealth that mankind has accumulated. Here Lenin was a Communist! Stalin was a Communist. And Nikita somehow not very…

But he released two million people from the camps.

— And how much he planted, how many were shot. That is, signatories to these lists. Sholokhov wonderfully said about the cult of personality: Yes, that’s right, the cult was, but the person was! Khrushchev about the personality somehow weaker was, in my opinion. And Stalin is the winner and Savior.

Are you a Stalinist?

— Why is the Stalinist? What’s the Stalinist? Let’s take a sober attitude. They say that people won the war. What the people in the time of Nicholas I, the other, or something, was it? Churchill too, because stupid people were, right? When Khrushchev was removed, at the same time, Churchill’s 90 years old. He was still alive, he was invited to Parliament, thanked that they did not let the commies. And Churchill looked down modestly: “Well you, Nikita Khrushchev harmed Russia much more”. But with Stalin there everything was fine.

But the life of man something worthwhile in this case?

— Yes, Stalin personally didn’t shoot anyone!

Is not the answer. You me noodles on the ears have already started to hang.

— You want to say that he signed? So after all the signatures were forged very well. What do you all say that Stalin was the executioner? But Yezhov who, the executioner or the victim? And Beria? Stalin was a great ruler. He saved Russia and Europe all saved. Still it was not easy. Under the sentence Tukhachevsky was signed by Blucher. Tukhachevsky’s the victim? And gas it was not poisoned Tambov rebellion? Here it would be to disassemble everything.

— Yes dismantled already. In the restructuring, remember, every day wrote about it.

— Lies a lot.

— And now, according to polls, more than half the population puts Stalin in first place among all the rulers of Russia.

And you disagree with that?

— No.

Well, you are a young man, and I am a child of war. “Thank you great Stalin for our happy childhood” — I without humor many times repeated.

— You have relatives repressed, shot?

— Yes, I know the relatives of the executed, who were also in favor of Stalin. Generally, it is the law of nature: the revolution devours its children always and everywhere.

— Listen, what are you so lit up at the mention of Stalin. And when I’m talking about Tarkovsky asked you quietly: Yes, it was such a wonderful Director. The talk show had seen on TV?

Because so many lied about Stalin. And about Tarkovsky not lied.

Only he had to leave the country.

— Well, I had… I think it is a tragedy for our rudeness with which the Communists fought, but not doborolsya. In 1917 in Russia literacy was 18%, less than the fifth part. And in the 27th, massacre, ruin, Civil war — 84%.

— Rudeness and left.

Yeah, that’s the tragedy. Just what are all of the people to translate arrows. But Boris Yeltsin is not a YMCA extra class?

— Why are you suddenly talking about Yeltsin? About Putin not want? You signed the letter in support of its policy, our Crimea, hurray, hurray. Vernopoddannym somehow.

— I do not recognize Putin as a whole. I am grateful to him for foreign policy, and so much is going on here.

— Yuri, not so much to watch TV.

Yeah Solovyov and Kiseleva, and all. I want to understand. When Igor Borisovich Chubais said that Stalin was a great criminal, I want to say to him…

— …Who are you brother?

— Well, Yes. We deify Lenin, we cursed. You know, communism is not guilty, this is a great teaching.

— You are an Orthodox man?

— No, I am a Communist.

— And Zyuganov-your with candle stands. Now it is fashionable.

— Did not see never. Putin saw Medvedev seen, and Zyuganov is not seen. As we say: God is not a simpleton, he did not by words but by deeds appreciates.

— And “Matilda”, see what happens with it.

— Here and I shit there was no pick.

But his films are also prohibited, and he suffered from this.

— Tarkovsky, like Leo Tolstoy and Pushkin and Lomonosov — they all suffered from rudeness, from our darkness, from the haste. Our Holy Vladimir, you know how many wives he had, how many people he cut… But he gave us Christianity, for that appreciate it. It is necessary to think, think.

“For my sins, I accountable — before God, before the builders of communism, before all”

— Listen, about politics I can also day and night to talk. Let’s get back to your profession. In “Little Faith” you played great the father, so true. But the film has become the destroyer of the Soviet Union, because everything was the truth, artistic truth. So you also contributed to the collapse of the great and mighty, which they miss so much?

— Correctly. Because “Little Faith” among my 300 works the only, you know, what do you mean? When she praised me — well, like there is something to praise, but when blamed on what light is, and I accept that.

Those who scolds you, the damn thing does not understand neither in life nor in movies nor in art.

— Maybe I don’t understand. But I this claim for the “Little Faith” I accept with all my heart. You know, back in Soviet times in Leningrad, in a kind of cinema club we sat, the film was discussed. Suddenly stood a woman in an old dress, looked up and said, “And to live it how?” That is the question “live how?” “Little Faith” is not responding. Although I know how to live, Bob Pichul, dead, with Mary the Khmelik (screenplay “Little Faith.” — Ed.) knew how to live their personal life is seen. But “Little Faith” is my sin. Know why the person feels the greatest satisfaction? From creativity. And you mean from sex? Nothing of the sort.

Still from the film “Little Vera”, 1988.

Sex on its own can also be creative.

— Perhaps, now such delights of all kinds. Cholera out of me, then I’m not an expert. Here’s the work… Is not the laborer plays Alexei Batalov in “Moscow does not believe in tears”? But he’s the Creator! We at “Mosfilm”, I remember, was a saddler. But such a saddler, did everything. He respected his profession. It is the respect for his creativity, you know. And what creativity we have “Little Faith”? Really? Yes, but this truth opened the gates to dermatopathologist.

— And the fact that people felt the shock and catharsis after the “Little Faith”, isn’t that enough? You opened their eyes, how we live, is that enough?

— It is necessary to live like human beings in all occasions. Oh, and the conscience to be clean. Happiness is a clear conscience, from my point of view. If something was a sin, well, correct. Do you know what the biggest sin on earth, which messed up our whole life? It is a property, private property.

— You privatized the apartment?

— I don’t remember grandma (so Nazarov called his wife. — Approx. ed.) this deals with. If you have a car is personal property. And if invited migrant workers, he works for you, you pay him all you wish, and no-one answers, it’s private property. And what is private property? It legalized the right to live at someone else’s expense. It’s unfair, it’s wrong. Here’s what to say. And you’re still the artist, the artist. Don’t know what I’m an artist…

— You are a great artist.

— Well, fine. Only in comparison with the Vakhtangov who am I?

— Yes, you need to put a monument only one role of the father from “Little Faith” that you so dislike. But now it is not about the artist, about you. Look at our party meeting personal case of comrade Nazarov, his moral shape of the Builder of communism. You have two families, they say.

— Yes, if the all party meeting to bring us, so the fingers can be counted, one family, quiet, modest, without any of these adventures. And even in the West! I mean, God is love. Christ said, faith, hope, love, but love is stronger. Only have to answer for everything. Yes, I have five children, but I don’t throw, nothing about any of them I forget. Moreover, I, pardon the expression, being twenty years retired, they still pay child support. To this day! And children for me not an empty place, neither one nor the other, nor all different. For all my sins I am accountable — before God, before the builders of communism, in front of everyone. For others I have not lived and do not advise anyone. To live for others is a misfortune.